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  • Stella Sibley
    Stella Sibley

    7:43 Jelly is catching up so quickly, he is gonna surpass Ali-A very soon

  • Kevin Lajza
    Kevin Lajza

    Josh I really miss rocket league 😭

  • marvin lopez
    marvin lopez

    Jelly is making a factory I tried to troll you guys to sell you stuff go to the back of his house in Minecraft

  • Anwen Bill
    Anwen Bill

    said that back then, but what happened to all these videos in 2020?

  • K Squad
    K Squad

    I love orange

  • Ryan Holden
    Ryan Holden

    I love your visitors

  • Elin E.
    Elin E.

    Jelly has a secret Base in his flowers

    • Elin E.
      Elin E.

      In pig town

  • 3paul333

    It was jelly

  • B. Scott Whytsell
    B. Scott Whytsell


  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones


  • Anwen Bill
    Anwen Bill

    FaCt Of ThE dAy A mother to a horse is called a "damn" A father to a horse is called a "sire"

  • 3paul333


    • 3paul333

      It was jelly

  • Rain Drops
    Rain Drops

    good job Slogoman

  • Rain Drops
    Rain Drops

    Sorry Slogoman next time don’t have tnt uoroud the base

  • Thefortnite Llama
    Thefortnite Llama

    Chest land 2 meters from crainer Slogo:Wow u almost died

  • wipa Perkins
    wipa Perkins

    Are you using code Slogo I have

  • Zixo Zento
    Zixo Zento


  • Ottp Heiskanen
    Ottp Heiskanen

    Its all true

  • Anwen Bill
    Anwen Bill

    the only reason you wana sumon devil piggys is cuz they are RED

  • Ottp Heiskanen
    Ottp Heiskanen

    In your and your friends minecraft survival server In the jellys island is Iron farm and he has your gerald chef on the island and he stole your smaragtes In your home In the first video

  • V Vs M Gaming
    V Vs M Gaming


  • Angela Mccarthy
    Angela Mccarthy

    Come on jelly

  • nonamess zerokain
    nonamess zerokain

    Jelly made an iron farm to take over the server

  • Aiden Salminen
    Aiden Salminen

    Use the underwater breathing potion that is a catfish look it's jelly as a crab

  • babylakes


  • wipa Perkins
    wipa Perkins

    Kosoko Robux day I will have a great time

    • wipa Perkins
      wipa Perkins

      This is not what I mean

  • yo chill bruv
    yo chill bruv

    And he have a iron farm iron for diamonds

  • Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira
    Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira

    In the minecraft

  • yo chill bruv
    yo chill bruv

    Jelly trolling you on minecraft

  • Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira
    Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira

    Jelly has a secret base in his garden with flowers

  • RASMATAS human
    RASMATAS human

    Jelly stole your chef in your minecraft server

  • Gemma Chapman
    Gemma Chapman

    Did it

  • Jesper's Wereld
    Jesper's Wereld

    Slogo: kills everybody Jelly: always died Crainer: does nothing

  • Angela Mccarthy
    Angela Mccarthy

    Good video

  • Mimic Matthew
    Mimic Matthew


  • Lewis Larkin
    Lewis Larkin

    EJelly cinemas cinemas much

  • Aidan McCracken
    Aidan McCracken

    Why is Kweps name Azzyland

  • BeanX Playz
    BeanX Playz


  • Lewis Larkin
    Lewis Larkin

    Are you Jerry my God

  • Henry. Mc
    Henry. Mc

    slogoman jelly is planing to panck you and the it then you saw is a iron golmed framer

  • Derukniv078 2
    Derukniv078 2

    Green tiny crab! Perfect for Jelly!😂

  • shaun lozier
    shaun lozier

    can i have 100

  • Little Legs29
    Little Legs29

    Hi slogo I know this is not the right vid to say this on but we’re is jordi in your vids like screw craner ohh and I use your code in the item shop. PS your biggest fan😜😜😜

    • Little Legs29
      Little Legs29

      Love your vids 💓

  • Ashley Sapp
    Ashley Sapp

    My dad was going to get heart surgery but when I used code slogo his heart got better!

  • The y33t man
    The y33t man

    Slogoman jelly has built a iron golem farm and wants to trade for diamonds plz add me on Fortnite it’s Deflyi.o

  • Michelle Baron
    Michelle Baron

    Jelly stole your emeralds

  • Slade Pedrick
    Slade Pedrick

    I love

  • T-Rex gaming and comics
    T-Rex gaming and comics

    When it said best player I think he was already the best player

  • Rain Drops
    Rain Drops

    Please billed me a puppy house please

  • Elaine Roberts
    Elaine Roberts

    In hoax mc jelly made a iron factry with iron golems and vilagers

  • Hus Rizvanovic
    Hus Rizvanovic

    Got the fish

  • Fatih Ali Sabovic
    Fatih Ali Sabovic

    I used code slogo

  • lordy Lord
    lordy Lord

    Josh jelly is building a iron farm where u saw that weird thing when u quarantined him he is planning to take over the server under jelly inc BTW he is going to hide it

  • Mark Smale
    Mark Smale

    I'd like the next

  • Lewis Cool
    Lewis Cool


  • johnnie aman
    johnnie aman


  • ron roberts
    ron roberts

    H slogo in pigtown jelly made an unlimited iron farm with your CHEF!!!!!

  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans

    GIANT lucky block is surely not lucky always TNT

  • 7 Lorks
    7 Lorks

    Slogo tha best drawer ever yeahhhh

  • Angela Mccarthy
    Angela Mccarthy

    Team slogo

  • TheFoReVeReK

    Imagine go outside 😲

  • Huzaifa Bilal
    Huzaifa Bilal

    I just realized he is playing fortnite on mobile

  • 7 Lorks
    7 Lorks

    Yo Josh I know what ya bro looks like

  • Emma Lacey
    Emma Lacey

    Can you please do the Minecraft server to make 24 videos

  • Charlie Dexter
    Charlie Dexter

    Jelly has made a iron farm

  • happy talon music
    happy talon music

    Jelly build a iron farm and he will troll you

  • dark knight
    dark knight

    Do games that you haved played from years ago

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    I found the like button and I also use code slogo

  • Joana Costa
    Joana Costa

    All there names start with j jordy, jelly and josh👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jack Stinson
    Jack Stinson

    Tha now

  • Dimitar Radevski
    Dimitar Radevski

    Jelly stole your chef

  • Smieklīgā Seja TV
    Smieklīgā Seja TV

    In13:21 there was dimonds

  • BeAta


  • Juran Lablache
    Juran Lablache

    Slogo, remember the wall, well, jelly dicided to build an iron generator

  • TSD_ Supreme
    TSD_ Supreme

    It took me almost 1 sec to hit the like botton ha I win

  • adabelle madyiwa
    adabelle madyiwa

    The reason he named jelly because his wate wible wobles

  • best backfire captures
    best backfire captures


  • Arian_ PlayZ
    Arian_ PlayZ

    Epic finished

  • a27e72 Mullen
    a27e72 Mullen

    Slogoman won

  • Shane West
    Shane West

    Tiktoc is a game

  • taha gamer kid
    taha gamer kid

    Josh jelly maded a iron farm and he is about to troll you

  • Eloise Johnson
    Eloise Johnson

    your friends are idiots

  • Thelloydyboy123 12
    Thelloydyboy123 12

    I love josh and I use code slog everyone should use it

  • NIGHTMARE 1260
    NIGHTMARE 1260

    jelly should be 11 fish lol

    • NIGHTMARE 1260
      NIGHTMARE 1260

      jk much love

  • Nathanael Francis
    Nathanael Francis

    I think next videos you should play sky block again

  • Joseph Rangira
    Joseph Rangira

    btw jelly has your chef so grieve hm

  • EndlessCrises

    ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~

  • gaming king
    gaming king

    Jelly is trolling to you to soon and jelly is steal your villager

  • Madara Edgell
    Madara Edgell


  • Craig Smythe
    Craig Smythe

    hay siogo jelly found this vid

  • Joseph Rangira
    Joseph Rangira

    more hoax mc please raid jelly and look around for the 2nd cannon and make your subway with ice( in the nether if you want ) but YOU cover more ground and guys if you agree like so he can see

  • Sion Jones
    Sion Jones

    Jelly’s in the oven getting roasted

  • Satbir Singh
    Satbir Singh

    It's three

  • johnnie aman
    johnnie aman


  • Sara Binning Solicitors
    Sara Binning Solicitors

    It’s over 400 thousand but no diss

  • Whispering Sista
    Whispering Sista

    Leave a like and subscribe

  • Thuli Nkosi
    Thuli Nkosi

    Sligo my best friend u know I am the best at the chalenge

  • Theodore Dalgleish
    Theodore Dalgleish

    Make more murder mystery please.

  • tilia kresh
    tilia kresh

    3:39 it looks like Uolcano

  • Capitan Moga
    Capitan Moga

    1:34 Anime girls be like