Alan Becker

Alan Becker
Alan Becker

My name is Alan Becker! Maybe you saw my "Animator vs. Animation" when it became a viral video in 2006. I make stick figure animations that take place on a computer desktop screen. There is no dialogue, but a lot of humor and emotion. Hope you enjoy!
Check out my other channels too! I teach how to animate, I run a Minecraft server, and I play games!

  • Taym Alroumy
    Taym Alroumy

    Ur video is so cool

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez


  • strong122

    Yee should do a remix of Sweden

  • rebar

    this is the longest 6 minute video ive ever watched.

  • Lefty With A Sprite Cranberry
    Lefty With A Sprite Cranberry

    Is it just me or does that seem like they're helping green more than trying to defeat him?

  • rebar

    wow.. everyone was so scared of the corona they forgot about saving the planet.

  • Ripple Ripple
    Ripple Ripple


  • alirezaz. 1384
    alirezaz. 1384

    WTF is that make a animashan pls

  • ExtremeBruh-huhMoment

    Yellow: gets kicked so hard you hear the Home-Run Bat sound effect Also Yellow: Rolls back onto his feet looking mildly annoyed

  • Carrie Bartow
    Carrie Bartow

    I filly lick the stick man mincraft videos can you please make more One hour videos

  • Lucas Soares figueiredo
    Lucas Soares figueiredo

    muito legal

  • Javier Alcazar
    Javier Alcazar

    Please continue the return of the choosen one T-T

  • Veverka Anna
    Veverka Anna

    Pls stickmans is sick

  • 大神深夜


  • Veverka Anna
    Veverka Anna

    Pls stickmans is sick pls

  • Sweet Android Girl
    Sweet Android Girl

    I want more videos like that!!♥️♥️

  • Sweet Android Girl
    Sweet Android Girl

    Wooooow!!!! Awesome!!!

  • GhostLior_22O

    Why that grass type the fire or water are way better

  • Isacc gamer
    Isacc gamer

    My brain when there's nothing to do

  • Katie Johns
    Katie Johns

    wait the red one has a computer does that mean there are stick figures in his computer?

  • Ishu Kavia
    Ishu Kavia

    sir can you explain me that how i make popup blocker

  • Isacc gamer
    Isacc gamer

    We all at least watched this 3 times or more

  • AnimationIvan

    Orange Gangsta until he sees *you cant sleep there is an music battle nearby*

  • Electro Gamer908
    Electro Gamer908

    people, imagine green had the potion of musicality.

  • QuanTumCyDes[GD]

    this is what i call music

  • Vik Ekk
    Vik Ekk

    How doing music in Minecraft:

  • Disumisu 2019
    Disumisu 2019

    Please a new animation!

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy


  • 김민찬


  • alirezaz. 1384
    alirezaz. 1384


  • Weretyu7777

    Who noticed that Green had changed out the glowstone block on the left with an emerald block while we weren't looking?

  • Isacc gamer
    Isacc gamer

    C'mon we all gotta admit 1:30 was a good battle

  • маин про
    маин про


  • Shsg Sgsg
    Shsg Sgsg

    Orange electric teleport and fire

  • 티비리암


  • Derya Erciyas
    Derya Erciyas


  • Ibnu Nur hadi
    Ibnu Nur hadi

    Aryou indonesia

  • Isacc gamer
    Isacc gamer

    Chicken that could do a beat battle with Marshmello or even skilled I'm just saying maybe

  • alirezaz. 1384
    alirezaz. 1384

    so beautifol

  • あんだー

    棒人間が言葉を話さないから面白いんだろうが。 誰だよこんなクソ字幕付けたクソガキは。 翻訳だけで十分なんだよ。お前のクソ寒くて詰まらんゴミ妄想なんていらないんだよ。

  • Elementia Studios
    Elementia Studios

    This is the most viewed Minecraft video. Think about that for a second.

  • tran luat
    tran luat


  • Alejandro Pucheta
    Alejandro Pucheta

    Nana te superaste a ti mismo

  • shreyas singh
    shreyas singh

    gow vs.animation . plz

  • Dhishan Nahakpam
    Dhishan Nahakpam

    Rage like this video


    C est trop cool

  • Larissa Jeon
    Larissa Jeon


  • jo1999


  • HNGaming Productions
    HNGaming Productions

    I wish they added an update exclusive to music. Then, playing music in Minecraft would be just as fun as the stick figures were having.

  • luiz henrique veiga dos santos
    luiz henrique veiga dos santos


  • Sa3d Al3akioui
    Sa3d Al3akioui

    Health boost is regeneration

  • Ahmet Karali
    Ahmet Karali

    Animation VS Dragon ballZ

    • MARIOSONIC 54321
      MARIOSONIC 54321

      that probably won't happen

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose

    what the there is 10000000000000000000 comment I'm going to die

  • Weirdo3

    The fourth Episode: infinity dimensions (April fools joke from Minecraft) 👍

  • John Norris
    John Norris

    pl ease more music and orange by far the best solo yet

  • Carlos Barzola
    Carlos Barzola

    I like the music :3

  • Neo Meter's Game
    Neo Meter's Game

    the box is really cute and good animation

  • poramej tanrattanakorn
    poramej tanrattanakorn

    where are fishing rod

  • jake Melendez
    jake Melendez

    Nice glasses

  • Mr.A Videos
    Mr.A Videos

    Day 2 of quarantine. Just finished watching stick figures play music with Minecraft. Nearly lost my sanity yesterday.

  • life is facinating
    life is facinating

    Play it on max speed

  • Asdf G
    Asdf G

    @ /1\💎 /\

  • Gacha Lover Luna
    Gacha Lover Luna

    0:51 Why is blue dabbing XD

  • Ксения Зубачева
    Ксения Зубачева

    90 000 000 000 из 100 000 000 000

    • Ксения Зубачева
      Ксения Зубачева


  • visente cuebas 768
    visente cuebas 768

    Estubo increible☺

  • Chispitas 89
    Chispitas 89


  • song michael
    song michael

    Not as good as chicken

  • Gacha Lover Luna
    Gacha Lover Luna

    You should make a full version of the noteblock songs

  • song michael
    song michael

    so better

  • Муслима Мавлянова
    Муслима Мавлянова

    Круто Алан делает крутые видео

  • Oscar Fagundez
    Oscar Fagundez

    Animeichon gordo

  • NickolopitaTV GR
    NickolopitaTV GR

    Is this a fast food commercial?

  • 닉네임

    This song is really incredible for me to feel Korean.

  • Bintang Karimudien
    Bintang Karimudien


  • Chinzorig Chuluunbaatar
    Chinzorig Chuluunbaatar

    I loved this stick figure is soo cool

  • The Robloxx
    The Robloxx

    Lol i love redstone. What do you like redstone about the

  • doge mcface
    doge mcface

    :everyone playing music :orange sjut up or ill kill your instruments

  • doge mcface
    doge mcface

    Lol the chicken is playing

  • CocOnuT VidEoS
    CocOnuT VidEoS

    I think that Yellow stikman so quite and..... 😁😁💗💗💗

  • Cornelius Whiplash
    Cornelius Whiplash

    You should put this invention in a museum!

  • sandu da
    sandu da

    I love all the references, like the chicken and orange trying to sleep thou their given a twist, the chicken sings and orange doesn't turn the volume down but just destroys everything.

  • Mike max Ramnac
    Mike max Ramnac

    2:01 mi favorit part

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu

    2:09 Orange's head can be seen through, but you can't see where the arm touches the body through the head.

  • Anh Ngoc Ha
    Anh Ngoc Ha

    So great i like music

  • Heat Gaming
    Heat Gaming

    More like 14 year

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu

    Orange had only two dollars. He's broke.

  • Helen meyandy pratama
    Helen meyandy pratama

    Alan Is It Real Bcs It Look's So Real

  • Gacha Studio
    Gacha Studio

    Have you thought about making an animation in which the MC discovers the modem minecraft, ie discovering Forge and installing EnderIO, Chiesel etc, would be interesting :))

  • Angry Turtles
    Angry Turtles

    0:16 fallen kingdom?

  • Anwen Regter
    Anwen Regter

    L, m

  • 레드TV


  • The_King Of_Leaves
    The_King Of_Leaves

    Blue: *Throws seed into the road.* And the seeds *grows* Me:Wait, That's illegal.


    Hey! Alan, can you make a tutorial with sounds for stick figure animation? 😕

  • Fóris Jonatán
    Fóris Jonatán

    0:58 GAME!

  • Andy Herrera
    Andy Herrera

    BYsofts face are annoying to me when he smile or cocky

  • Rebeka Iskandar
    Rebeka Iskandar

    I agree I like the red too

  • Dominic Coppard
    Dominic Coppard

    Wouldn’t some legendary Pokemon actually want to come and help Orange (or *the second coming*) so he would have a few legendarys with him

  • Çağlar Düzgün
    Çağlar Düzgün

    Nice perfect new video pleass

  • BlawStarsMehmet 78
    BlawStarsMehmet 78

    Uuuuuu sex

  • Счастливая Собака
    Счастливая Собака

    You was breaked the game 😅