40 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.15
NEW Minecraft Update! The Buzzy Bees Update AKA Minecraft 1.15 was released today! New Blocks (Honey Block) New Mobs (Bee Mob) and so much more!
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The new minecraft update AKA the 1.15 update, also known as the Buzzy Bees update, is here! New Bee Mobs, New honey blocks, new items, and a lot of bug fixes! New commands and so much more, you can use the honey block to make minecraft redstone contraptions. You can learn how to make honey block creations for your new minecraft house build. You can even use the new bee update like in the snapshots to collect honey to drink!
40 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.15
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✅ Map created by VelvoxelRaptor
🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

  • Jiro Potpot4
    Jiro Potpot4

    mcpe people be like:THEY CAME IN 1.14!!!

  • ivan abed
    ivan abed

    The Bees are really *really* T H I C C in this game

  • ISAFUDDIN 1234
    ISAFUDDIN 1234

    The Recipe have at Android (beta) Minecraft look like Android 1.14=1.15

  • Songkrit Pichitphol
    Songkrit Pichitphol

    Queen bee so strong

  • Carlos M. Vega Jr.
    Carlos M. Vega Jr.

    Are the bees in realms?

  • Eva Bunnyland
    Eva Bunnyland

    RIP parrot

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama

    They added toggle sneak so I don’t have to have a panic attack when building in the end outskirts

  • Lea Dacayan
    Lea Dacayan


  • Cool Squad
    Cool Squad

    That update is super buggy and it crash soo much

  • Redzo Tabakovic
    Redzo Tabakovic

    Reply hi if you know what I spelt #\'( /[\



  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Why does this guy sound both like Jack Black and the guy from Joe Mama

  • Golimonkey

    1.15 update introduced horrible performance drop, lag and stutter for me.

  • Moein Hedayati
    Moein Hedayati

    Ok...i haven't played this since a couple of years ago and i guess i might wanna start from some older versions first.

  • Shawnie Playz
    Shawnie Playz

    I feel so old now that I'm coming back to minecraft. I dont even know how to use command blocks lol

  • 주필

    Cow fly

  • Maritza Ramirez
    Maritza Ramirez

    It’s sad when the parrot died 😞

  • Retnam Sugu
    Retnam Sugu

    Well logdotzip's pet parrot died.pay respects to his parrot

  • Retnam Sugu
    Retnam Sugu

    The new updaye is smart as bees wont sting you once you got sting because the skin is thick so it will be hard for bees to get out once they force to get out the body will split in half then they die

  • Wei Xiang Loh
    Wei Xiang Loh

    The bees ain't added

  • Mia Gonzales
    Mia Gonzales

    Birds and the bees

  • Liliana Cardona
    Liliana Cardona

    I have the new Minecraft version

  • Andrei Mariñas
    Andrei Mariñas

    They removed smokers. It's sad

  • abbey k
    abbey k

    i just want my cave update

  • Jashua Alfaro
    Jashua Alfaro

    Sounds like Jack Black

  • Swati patel
    Swati patel

    Never hit a bee that has other bees with it in Minecraft because it will stung you

  • Birdyful Gacha Geek
    Birdyful Gacha Geek

    Yeah.... Sugar

  • mr blob
    mr blob

    So predices is like the new exicute? But why, they could just have added the commands to the exicute...


    I found a castle/big fancy house while playing in survivor! Never ever seen that before. There was those fort guys in there hiding in a room and they were strong as hell. Is this big fancy castle like building with massive rooms and stairs rare? I certainly never found it before.

  • nounou dreams
    nounou dreams

    Me : mom can we have a cave update Mom : no we have cave update at home Cave update at home :

  • Maharani Permana
    Maharani Permana

    I found a bee house in minecraft

  • Brookville City
    Brookville City

    Looks good 👍 guys I would like your opinions on my city on my BYsofts channel 😊😊

  • Young Panda
    Young Panda

    U kinda sound like deadpool

  • UwU OwO
    UwU OwO

    So a Honey Block is the opposite of a slime block **Surprised Pikachu*

  • TheGamer 272
    TheGamer 272

    Me: The bees are so big Spiders: *Intense Sweating*

  • RoninGames

    Where can I find this map ??? For just knowledge

  • Karwin Chau
    Karwin Chau

    They should make an update where you can have NPC holding a weapon and armor instead of a mod

  • Dan Gardner
    Dan Gardner

    bedrock is beder java

  • MC DowneySheet
    MC DowneySheet

    Is this on windows 10 yet

  • Kevin Corrigan
    Kevin Corrigan

    I don't have the iron Gollum

  • Cassie Robinson
    Cassie Robinson

    So are the castles, ocean monuments, and ships gone now ?

  • Let's get bts in Ireland
    Let's get bts in Ireland

    Wait what minecraft is better bedrock or normal?

    • Let's get bts in Ireland
      Let's get bts in Ireland

      @grumpychris ah thank you so much!

    • grumpychris

      It depends on your personal preference. Bedrock Editions uses C++ and is generally better optimized and more user-friendly. Java Edition uses Java and is generally more customizable and more mod-friendly.


    The Vertical biomes may also help with the Mountains update

  • Wilten Raap
    Wilten Raap

    No one: Absolutely no one: Minecraft: Bees

  • Small Cranium
    Small Cranium

    What if I told you baby bees aren’t a thing

  • Eli Lackey
    Eli Lackey

    When he was on the pig it looked like Ikea bird and Peepeepoopoo

  • Just A Kid
    Just A Kid

    1.15.1 is unBEElievable

  • Jake Cantu
    Jake Cantu

    I’ve watched this video before😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Jake Cantu
    Jake Cantu

    This is Liam but I’m a big fan Logdotzip

  • iDontBlink

    how do you Fly and have cheats in Survival?

  • Woema 4x4 Gansbaai
    Woema 4x4 Gansbaai

    All those gamerules was in Aquatic update and the campfire extinguish thing was in So... Only the Honey stuff and foxes was new i had it all else in so like 7new fetures i think

  • Kz_2Taymor

    I hate the update so much though

  • ioan kolev
    ioan kolev

    there is one problem: *bees don't one hit kill*

  • Kenn Manubay
    Kenn Manubay

    Do the same for the next update and I liked your video

  • Dominic Esquivel
    Dominic Esquivel

    I love how professional and straight to the point this video is

  • Baidens

    Most or all of these are already in bedrock

  • Casey Cail
    Casey Cail

    Bees are from 1.14 where have you been

  • EliteBA 30
    EliteBA 30

    The new layout in the inventory and the reduced skin packs stink

  • Yron Calo
    Yron Calo

    Wheres the building block

  • Julian Keen
    Julian Keen

    I swear you make one of the most interesting videos and the best content for Minecraft!