Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: TROPICAL HOUSE ON WATER BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Animation
➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Animation
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Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

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This video is made for a wide range of audiences,(for general audience) for everyone who likes Minecraft, for all ages, especially for people who are over the age 13 since it shows difficult building process of different houses.The silly act of the "noob" character is made with the purpose to entertain and represent the character of a funny Minecraft player, who has lower building skills, and not to aim towards younger audiences under the age 13. The video is not made to target a younger audience under age 13. Targeted ads are used, as well as normal ads. BYsofts may also collect your data, whilst watching the video. If you're under the age of 13, please ask for your parent's permission and contact BYsofts or FTC for further information about videos that are "not made for kids" before watching the video. Please read the BYsofts policies under "not made for kids". Thank you.
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    • HapiZ Gaming
      HapiZ Gaming

      Hi Mr.WiederDude Can you share link download minicraft, ineed that apk, pleass;?

    • atong Valdez
      atong Valdez



      Shopping mall challenge

    • LLB Draws
      LLB Draws

      Building in noob and pro mode without flying makes u a GOD

    • Ingrid abigail Baños garrido
      Ingrid abigail Baños garrido


  • Sofy La Terza
    Sofy La Terza

    The winer is God🥇And Steve 😎😎🔮🔮

  • комо огурец
    комо огурец


  • EUN _C
    EUN _C

    Noob: how did u do that!?!? GOD: WHY DID U DO THAT????

  • Renne Boii
    Renne Boii

    Noob has become alot better over time :))

  • Gabriel SC
    Gabriel SC

    Oh my god

  • Patricia Furlotte
    Patricia Furlotte

    I wish that pro can make me a minacraft house

  • lary over
    lary over

    the noob guy makes better houses than me

  • EnerJetix

    The noob isn’t a noob. He’s an average player in this video :)

  • Ryleigh Hollingsworth
    Ryleigh Hollingsworth

    must have taken a long time to make good job though

  • Анархундага Зоригтбаатар
    Анархундага Зоригтбаатар

    me-common noob-rare pro-epic god-legendary

  • Sugi atik
    Sugi atik

    Wah indah sekali rumahnya

  • Nicolas Czernicki
    Nicolas Czernicki

    weiderdude builds AMAZING houses i have a feeling that the noob one is more of a pro cuz it seems like that noob is very skilled

  • Samuel Henrique
    Samuel Henrique

    Noob legendery

  • dolan fan
    dolan fan

    this noob builds better than me. how come he is called a noob

  • Janaya Brassfield
    Janaya Brassfield

    God is like...subscribe,like,share,and save

  • Janaya Brassfield
    Janaya Brassfield

    Pro is like...WOW

  • Janaya Brassfield
    Janaya Brassfield

    Noob did ok

  • kate starwars
    kate starwars

    I wonder how much time you spend just to create these

  • Elis Raris
    Elis Raris

    Like pro

  • damerrion may
    damerrion may

    good builds you the man

  • Alya Tuhepaly
    Alya Tuhepaly


  • pika lover
    pika lover

    That feeling when you thought you were a PRO until you saw NOOB'S house...😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • Chocolate Lover
    Chocolate Lover

    The first one would’ve been enough for me lol😂😂😂

  • Yajaira Rodriguez
    Yajaira Rodriguez


  • Mel Rioux
    Mel Rioux

    I Do Not Love NooB .

  • AxeGames5

    When you think you are good at building and then look at the noobs house it is just like bruh


    Abi yapılışını da anlat

  • Pande Bayu
    Pande Bayu

    Orang yang indonesia harus pilih

  • justhin perez
    justhin perez

    Me gustaria un vz del hacker y god solos dos

  • Madai Montoya
    Madai Montoya

    Me gusto mucho

  • helainy Vitória
    helainy Vitória

    Eu boto no god

  • Jessie Pearce
    Jessie Pearce

    Wait but why the noobs house better than my houses. 🤭😂

  • Nadia Hasna
    Nadia Hasna


  • Nadia Hasna
    Nadia Hasna


  • Nadia Hasna
    Nadia Hasna


  • Lil Potato
    Lil Potato

    God’s house looks more like a luxury 5 star hotel then a house

  • Tribhuvan Lal Srivastav
    Tribhuvan Lal Srivastav

    Build noob vs pro vs God mountain home building challenge 3

  • BitZel Royal
    BitZel Royal

    Amertearsu Why the Noob Is better Edit: Hoho

  • ALi Kareem
    ALi Kareem

    لماذا لا تضع مقاسات

  • Ornate Robin
    Ornate Robin

    does anyoe think he uses skamatics I mean hi placments are so strange and orderly

  • francisco jaquez
    francisco jaquez

    I liked the tropical house of the god

  • Samasaurus 26
    Samasaurus 26

    I am kind of the pro at this topic


    İnfinity like

  • Kaleia Bridgewater
    Kaleia Bridgewater

    my very thought was when i saw the noob i wonder what pro and god is gonna be

  • Adam Khaleefa
    Adam Khaleefa


  • евген про Харин
    евген про Харин

    У бога 🥇😎:-):-)👍🥇🥇🥇🤑

  • евген про Харин
    евген про Харин

    У нуба 👍 а у про 🤘🤘👌👍

  • atong Valdez
    atong Valdez

    How dare you

  • RoAhS

    Who’s been a fan of WiederDude before 2020? ♥️ 👇🏽 (I’m gifting my next 7 loyal subs)

  • Nizam Pratama
    Nizam Pratama

    God nilai 1000

  • Nizam Pratama
    Nizam Pratama

    Noob nilai 200

  • Nizam Pratama
    Nizam Pratama

    Pro yg bgs nilai 900

  • Bri Zamora
    Bri Zamora


  • Hmingthasangi Sangtei
    Hmingthasangi Sangtei

    God is the best of me

  • Rishelly Maldonado
    Rishelly Maldonado

    Me gustó la casa de god

  • Warfare Game
    Warfare Game

    They build like a flash!

  • Warfare Game
    Warfare Game

    Noob Pro God All is better


    The noob’s house great 👍

  • Delvida

    99.99% of the comments: I can’t even build better then the noob 1% of the comments: real comments