Minecraft UHC but RANDOM loot falls from the sky...
Today my friends and I played a Minecraft UHC but RANDOM loot falls from the sky...
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Friends in this RANDOM loot UHC video!
► DoniBobes: bysofts.info
► Bionic: bysofts.info
► Kiingtong: bysofts.info
► Graser: bysofts.info
► Huahwi: bysofts.info
► Ize: bysofts.info
► ShadowApples: bysofts.info
► Nikolai: bysofts.info
► Em: bysofts.info
🎶 Music 🎶
Title: MYRNE - Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
Listen on BYsofts: bysofts.info/hd/videa/k61qprVpdp1shKY
Comment "SKY" if you read the description!
#Minecraft #UHC #Random

  • Grapeapplesauce

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    • Rosiebellsworld :D
      Rosiebellsworld :D

      Grapeapplesauce that wierd noise you heard was hero brine good idea by running fast because he is very powerful

    • Aliza Decker
      Aliza Decker

      This is the first vid I watched of you with a mustache

    • Kryofrozen

      CAN I GET EMBER ROD shut the fuck up asshole nobody ever cares ur stupid

    • Fern Major
      Fern Major

      Do this again

  • Flori Ispas
    Flori Ispas

    Oh hahaha

  • Game troller YT
    Game troller YT

    6:08 there is literally the elytra 😪😪

  • Angelz Dark S0ulz
    Angelz Dark S0ulz

    8:46 Grape: OH NO... IM GONNA DIE 8:52 What Grape Shouldve Said: It was all *JUST* a *DREAM*?!

  • farm country
    farm country

    Saw an elitra

  • Sol Leonard
    Sol Leonard

    He missed the elytra when pvp started

  • Abdelraouf Nubani
    Abdelraouf Nubani


  • Carla Bryson
    Carla Bryson

    I would love to have that

  • big benis
    big benis

    Grapeapplesause: If you can please put your hand up my ass, it really helps me out !! 😂

  • Lizzie The Owl
    Lizzie The Owl

    Bruh grape you just pass a elytra, HOW DIDN'T U SEE IT??

  • AlternativeTingles

    Put it on bedrock

  • Herminia Perez
    Herminia Perez


  • Tia Ornellas
    Tia Ornellas

    I watched like all of the other gamers vids of this😂

  • D. Kumanan
    D. Kumanan

    Did anyone see that there was graser (yotuber) like if saw


    Gongrats on almost 1million subscribers

  • Ac3R


  • Deltabetes Plyz
    Deltabetes Plyz

    6:09 ELYTRA minutes later NOOOO HE HAS A ELYTRA

  • Minecraft god
    Minecraft god

    It puts me on queue but it doesn't let me in

  • Phachasa Phoksuwan
    Phachasa Phoksuwan

    Can you not have a moestash 😅

  • Phachasa Phoksuwan
    Phachasa Phoksuwan


  • Klara Walker
    Klara Walker

    i love this vid

  • Emilee Foster
    Emilee Foster

    Grape:I can’t place it no it was my strat :me place it on ob or bedrock

  • Oum Toun
    Oum Toun

    I just watch u making videos like 5 years now):

  • Firestar

    "He had elytra no way!" *missed elytra a few minutes ago* Me:TRIGGERED

  • Stela Vitoch
    Stela Vitoch


  • Slowerdisc 29
    Slowerdisc 29

    6:08 there’s an elytra

  • CoolestkidonYT 986
    CoolestkidonYT 986


  • Timothy Sexton
    Timothy Sexton

    mans sounds dead on the inside

  • littlebeastboy games
    littlebeastboy games

    I like how there was a elytra right in front of him

  • Agaustwolf61

    Shave the beard

  • - ItzVan
    - ItzVan

    Minecraft UCH but you can't eat

  • sujay chandra
    sujay chandra

    You missed a elytra

  • NM Tatrix on YT
    NM Tatrix on YT


  • Ema Begum
    Ema Begum

    You look like Mr beast lol..

  • ItzOlleBoi

    No one: Grape: Misses elytra Me: WHAT Grape: *Wait, how does he have an elytra*

  • TheepuSub Playz
    TheepuSub Playz

    Your intro is super cool ily

  • Preston Playz
    Preston Playz

    get the eytra

  • Jay Gillespie
    Jay Gillespie

    You need obsidian

  • Danny Silva
    Danny Silva

    Tu stolen jelly idea

  • Ultimate Browse
    Ultimate Browse

    I have your cape, and I love it

  • deadshot 98681
    deadshot 98681

    How the fck is ur cape blinking?

  • IamGamerMe Playz
    IamGamerMe Playz

    Omg anyone saw him miss out an enchantment table earlier

  • Anwar Wijaya
    Anwar Wijaya

    A rare die in minicraft

  • Olivia Miller
    Olivia Miller

    He missed the elytra

  • Jason Fraser
    Jason Fraser

    The applesauce I'm your biggest fan I was subscribe but then it just unsubscribe but I love your🍎💙🖤💕💜💙❤

  • ares 054
    ares 054

    6:07 elytra lol

  • zoffee plays
    zoffee plays

    Grapeapple found a a book and he says KNOWLEDGE

  • Danny Aniston
    Danny Aniston

    6:08 there was a goddamn elytra you pro player

  • Znl Brown
    Znl Brown

    Can i play with you on your world's on minecraft pleassssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Angelo13d

    6:08 when you dont see elytra

  • Nabil Khan
    Nabil Khan

    You learned something new that you can only place ender crystals only in obsidian

  • rajesh awasthi
    rajesh awasthi

    U miss golden apple and elytra

  • D6pillow

    What's the command?

  • armando mhilli
    armando mhilli

    duuuuuumb you can put it on bedrock to

  • The Egg
    The Egg

    There's elytra in here 6:08 he is finding

  • Leslie Kruszynski
    Leslie Kruszynski

    Grape I really love your content keep the good work up 😜👍

  • Leslie Kruszynski
    Leslie Kruszynski

    Grape I really love your content keep the good work up 😜👍

  • Zarel

    do a uhc but with no armor and only fists.

  • Hardy Kwatra
    Hardy Kwatra

    There was an eltyra beside you

  • Hardy Kwatra
    Hardy Kwatra

    You dropped a diamond pick