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  • PrestonPlayz

    You should NEVER craft these items, but you should ALWAYS subscribe :D

    • William Piercey
      William Piercey


    • Rylan Squires
      Rylan Squires

      I did don't worry

    • Jalon Hackett
      Jalon Hackett

      For look balance sword

    • Camden Neuberg
      Camden Neuberg

      Hey Preston! I got a idea for the balance sword. You can use it to prank someone.

    • Esmeralda Romero
      Esmeralda Romero

      Preston tell bri i said hi

  • Merrick Macklem
    Merrick Macklem


  • Sairam Bardan
    Sairam Bardan


  • Sky Thailand111
    Sky Thailand111


  • Jerome Rivera
    Jerome Rivera

    Floop replace diglet

  • Rai Bardan
    Rai Bardan

    I have make this and I have your skin

  • Levi 11!
    Levi 11!

    I wish I had a subs

  • Aud Youtube
    Aud Youtube


  • Thomas Figueroa
    Thomas Figueroa

    Balanced sword for trolling josh

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    You should get the home TNT in TNT ender dragon it will help ¹


    3:20 who noticed the emerald was purple?

  • Charles Doherty
    Charles Doherty

    Pls gimme a shoutout because you are truly amazing

  • kameshwar tiwari
    kameshwar tiwari

    Yo' you are Azaming

  • Jessica McCarthy
    Jessica McCarthy

    You are better then me

  • Amayah Burton
    Amayah Burton

    Go go go Preston

  • acappasola

    the balence gem is a emerald

  • Richie Mackenzie Ptk
    Richie Mackenzie Ptk

    TNT became tea and tea

  • Max Ginn
    Max Ginn

    With the balance sword you can scare people 🙁🤓😩😝😩

  • daniel darren
    daniel darren

    i mean lead

  • daniel darren
    daniel darren

    let is brother of bedrock

  • Lakeside View
    Lakeside View

    Bfdi_Pencil is right

  • Lakeside View
    Lakeside View

    Balanced sword can be used for pranks preston

  • JKadmiel Ignacio
    JKadmiel Ignacio

    Nice video§|§………

  • ricardo carlos
    ricardo carlos

    You can use the sword to troll your friend

  • Mark Shrewsbury
    Mark Shrewsbury

    i would use it all

  • Sebastian Stratton
    Sebastian Stratton

    Use lead a lead armor and the oversize pickax

  • JR None
    JR None

    Craft the subscribe button lol lol lol lol 😂 life is weird

  • Great Gamer
    Great Gamer

    That is funny


    Iron man is died preston

  • chanamiata

    use the sower to troll lol

  • Kieran Hunt
    Kieran Hunt


  • Adam Razack
    Adam Razack


  • XxCupcakesSquadxX Cupcake Squad
    XxCupcakesSquadxX Cupcake Squad

    To prank your friend lol

  • DanDan Holt
    DanDan Holt

    I am a big fan

  • Jacob Cabrera
    Jacob Cabrera

    I LIKE YOUR videos their the best I sub to you and I `m trying to get YOUR mertch

  • Jenny and Bubby Charlton
    Jenny and Bubby Charlton

    All of them mods lol but still sub to preston

  • Jenny and Bubby Charlton
    Jenny and Bubby Charlton

    At 3:21 I saw emerald pink why Preston lol

  • Daisy Navarro
    Daisy Navarro


  • Tom-on games
    Tom-on games

    You Killer chimkin... You monster.

  • Elefterios Dolgiras
    Elefterios Dolgiras


  • Mharcapz Chan
    Mharcapz Chan

    Hey prestonbi think the balanced gem is a emerald because I did see at 3:20 the emerald was a balance gem

  • Karen Freas
    Karen Freas

    the balanced sword can be used for pranks!!!

  • Vishal Mahajan
    Vishal Mahajan


  • Riyaaz A
    Riyaaz A

    My floppy sacrifist him self rip floopy😔😔😔

  • Kenzzie Adriell
    Kenzzie Adriell

    (FLOOP) :)

  • ShadowGaming 9
    ShadowGaming 9

    The balance gem is an emerald

  • Jason Umanzor
    Jason Umanzor

    Only for the people who save it

  • Conner McGovern
    Conner McGovern

    A prank

  • Kalyb Tetreault
    Kalyb Tetreault

    The balance sword could be useful because u could troll bri

  • FancyMeow101 FancyMeow101
    FancyMeow101 FancyMeow101

    I know never

  • Si Blu
    Si Blu

    Preston is the best BYsoftsr and the cooliest

  • Elliott Orlowski
    Elliott Orlowski

    If you have like a thousand hearts then you could use the balance sword

  • Tommy

    Put curse of binding on lead armor do it and u get money

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover

    Brianna would be so disappointed

  • Jefferson Giron
    Jefferson Giron


  • Matthew Ristau
    Matthew Ristau

    creepers are sooooooooooooo cool yeah and lava yeah and like them and I would help you troll people

  • Roberts Henilans
    Roberts Henilans

    Wow a cool keyboard

  • Gacha MaddogMe
    Gacha MaddogMe

    You can prank your friends with the things!

  • Gacha MaddogMe
    Gacha MaddogMe

    I have the floop and sent you a pic on I Instagram

  • Chakiya Brown
    Chakiya Brown

    You said BOOTYS